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you know, somewhere west and maybe a little north of here...

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...Dean and Thompson fish will be turning their noses toward Georgia Strait and feeling the urge to come home.

grease yer reels!
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Sounds like my kinda party!!

Don't want to rush Summer too much BUT . . . . I sure do love Fall!

The thought of those chrome torpedoes finning toward the mainland gives me the shakes. Glad you reminded me, I need to start greasing the skids for my annual 'migration' too.

Related note: the flies will be packed and shipped this week, sorry about the delay. I've been slicing time pretty thin lately with many family events in May and then the stripers arrived ;D I got the first dose out of my system and will take care of business one of these nights after work this week.
No problem Juro. After all none of us will need any of those flies until, hmmm,


Just kidding, I have spent three months stocking the fly boxes but I am a little excited about Friday!

Heading north. Way up north to Alaska. Hope to get into a King with the Lochmoor Z. Trying to schedule a fly in. I am in Anchorage from the 31st until the 3rd. Working the 31st and the 1st with Saturday the 2nd all to myself. Any suggestions?
Dont apologize Juro.

...and also, somewhere west and maybe a little norht of here, is a bright summer-run steelhead. She will be first of the summer. She will hit the fly with reckless abandon and then proceed to cartwheel across the river and then race downstream.

...somewhere west and maybe a little north of here is the creature that gives my life meaning!

I cant wait!!! :)

Blacksalmon has been confusing my thinking with e-mails about when we should be dragging the Martini Bar up to the Thompson! Now this! Man, have some mercy! I'm tying chironomids and detail planning for my 2 weeks in the Cariboo, buying and organizing gear for guiding in the Queen Charlottes, looking for a 40 hp pump for my raft as well as long term planning for the Skeena in late August and you have the insensitivity to derail me with thoughts of the greatest river and fish in the world - BASTARD!

So is it tough tying chironomid tube flies????

Well, this isn't really a big stretch, is it Kush? I mean, isn't a Doc Spratley just a big black chironomid with a pheasant wing? And don't you just chuck it out there, let it swing and eventually one of those T-steelies just comes along and yanks on it, just like those Cariboo trout?

Can't wait!
Hmmmm ... small diameter red insulation from an electrical wire ... a little peacock herl at the front ... thread the line through to a #14 hook ... a bloodworm? Gimme a second to check this out!
Man, I am working late tonight but I think I'd better run home and overnight the swap flies out to everyone... QUICK! <VBG>
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