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Wynoochee anyone?

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Upper Wynoochee is probably getting a big push right now. That river is just the right size for FF'ing and those summer fish like the fly. I like the site of the old bridge (now gone) across from the launch, or up higher than that in late fall. The fish lay along the deep trough just down from the launch and there is a killer pool about 100 yards downstream. The river usually stays fishable due to the flood control dam, in fact of you park there and work downstream you'll find some incredible boulder gardens in the late season as well although tough bushwacking with a Spey rod.

I haven't heard how the Chehalis returns are this year but if they are like the others...
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I've heard good things about teh 'Nooch in both the winter and summer. It seems though that this river has become over run with sleds in the past couple years.

I saw a pic of summer water many years back and the river looked absolutely beautiful.
The upper river is void of the sled problems. Floating the upper stretches when it comes back after a big push of water can be unreal, although I have been shorebound I talk to these guys at the landings. Too many natives being killed there though.

No sleds up above at all, hike in boulder water in the headworks.
Hey Juro, fiinaly got my profile to go through. Been fishing the Nooch for years, in fact my Dad has property right near the spillway. You better believe there's sleds above whitebridge. I've seen them right where you're talkking about. Usually the smaller sleds though. There have always been quite a few sleds on the Nooch, buut mostly below the spillway. Now youu see way too many above the spillway. Alot of them put in at the gravel bar above the spillway (normally a guide launch for driftboats) and run upriver.

River was way too loww for too long thouugh. Ended up fishing the Chehalis mostly when you posted this thread. We had a great time. Limited out on BIG hatchery silvers. Now most of those fish should be up the Sop by now. We did the Sop earlier in the week. Floated from Schaefer to Cooks's creek. Had to really work to get fish. Now the rivers are prestine but loaded wih fishermen. The runs of silvers and chums should be coming in thick on that riverr now. A really hot pattern that pulls alot of ffish in is a size 2 to 1/0 hook, a black bucktail tail, green flourescent ribbing for the body, black hackle palmered toward eye of hook, finished off with a set of eyes. Have landed (and have seen landed) many fiish with this pattern.

Well, looking forward to posting on here more. Glad Brian led me here.
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