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Over here in the UK, we can just about fish all year 'round, providing we are prepared to travel a little (a little compared to the travelling our American cousins are used to). Generally, in Scotland, the season starts early and down to the southern most tip of England, Cornwall closes on some rivers, late December! Of course, quality of fish can vary, but most anglers are conservation minded and put back coloured or dark fish.

So these extended seasons must not distract us from "doing our bit". Most of us belong to various organisations that support various forms of conservation but what more can we put into our sport? Are annual subscriptions enough?

It is obviously up to the individual to gauge what to put into the sport he takes from, but as I write this with Flu, I feel very guilty that I missed Suunday's bank clearing sortie on the river Severn, for my association (Prince Albert Angling Society I'll make sure I get in on a later trip.

Finally, I'd like to raise a toast to all Atlantic Salmon and wish them more success than they have had over recent years. Cheers!


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Steve -

Good to hear your spirited words despite the flu. I guess thoughts of wild rushing rivers and bright salmon keep us motivated despite what the season does to us.

I wonder if you are taking the time to tie some flies for the upcoming season? I know flu can make eye strain horrible but with any time off one can "make hay"

Get well soon, and I look forward to your lucid reports in the future.
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