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Jay and I went out in the fog yesterday with a friend who had radar on his CC. We hit the schoolies at the mouth of Wacky early AM and picked some fun fish just under keeper length. I landed my first fish on my own fly. Lost a few flies to the bluefish and decided to scoot over to MV. Hard to find the birds working fish in the fog so we kept moving. We ended up rerigging with wire for the bluefish that seemed to be the most active and I was surprised that the bass would take the fly on the wire every third fish or so.

After a slow shoals circuit we went over to Woods Hole and the triangle had a swarm of birds over fish that was really classic. We drifted in and picked up some nice mixed bass and blues. I had a keeper bass to the boat but right at the gunwhale somehow I slipped up and he lazily swam away. Of course I didn't get much help from the peanut gallery.

The largest landed fish was an eight pound blue which I decided to keep for dinner. I'm still chasing that first keeper
bass, but I can feel it - I'm getting closer......

Diane C.
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