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Wish Me Luck

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This morning I will be in line to get a number which will determine my place in line for ALCS tickets. Wish me luck...cross your fingers for me so that I may draw #1. :)

BTW-I wont be able to attend game 1 if I get lucky and get tickets. :( :( But I will buy some and offer them at face value to true Mariners fans. Stay tuned for details (If I get lucky).
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BTW - with all due respect to A's fans, I am glad NYY didn't end their season. Everytime I watch a Yankee Stadium game my heart goes out to NYC. It's good to see a large crowd with smiling faces gathered in the dark shadow of the horror they have witnessed.

I hope there are more good times for NYY fans in the days to come... just as long as they don't win any in Seattle }>
You too Ryan???

I know you say my post at VFS. I though surely you would'nt give in in this soo important time of year. Well I suppose that leaves more room on the river for me..

Baseball is nothing Only steelhead matter

Hell, Ryan . . .I KNOW you're lucky!!! After all, I've seen you fish! <g>


Lived in Seattle for 30'ish some years and my kids are still there so no 'choice' for whom to root. Fun stuff is our Corp. Headquarters is in Cleveland.

I've had (probably) just a bit too much fun on the intranet e mail system making Razzzing sounds.

Life is good.
Well, I slept in today. Was too tired. Ebay is so much easier then standing in line with the stress of wondering what number you will draw which will determine your place in line.

So I found a killer ticket on Ebay for a good price. 300 level, 3 rows up right behind home. Anyways, I get home tonight and I hear my engine whistling and steam shooting out. I open the hood and there is rusty f*cking water everywhere!! So I had to back out on the ticket because who knows how much this is going to cost me.


Sorry...I needed someone to cry to.
Too bad about the car trouble... I hope it's just a hose.

Guess you're gonna see it on FOX like me! At least you get to live in the massive mojo of millions of mariner maniacs! ;-)
Hey Ryan,

Hope it's just a hose!!

I have some funny pics of my friends and I standing around the Rodeo in a remote BC town with our spey rods in hand as it got it's wheel fixed, but the situation wasn't that funny. Injuries to the Fishing Rig at this time of year are serious!
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