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Who's on First

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Who do you think will be the first hardy angler to wet a line in the New Year?

Would it be Bill D? Maybe someone with some new Christmas gear?

What's your prediction?
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Not counting TonyG in New Zealand summer or the hardcore winter steelhead crew out west, I'd have to say it's Tony Stetzko if he puts down the brush long enough. I have heard that his recent paintings are exceptional and available in prints. Harry Koons is another candidate; living in Orleans makes it a little easier to wet a line in the trout-packed kettle ponds.... not to mention a few brood stock salmon big enough to out fight most bluefish. I guess we're talking about the striper gang here, so that being the case I would suspect a Larry sighting at Scorton Creek is in order. It would have to be someone old enough to have no hot date at a first night party, but young enough to bother with a January 1st wade. Al lives awful close to the water and is on the warm side of the state... you, Mr.Stachelek, are just as good a candidate as any being as hard core of a salty flyflinger as you are down there in the Ocean State.

Whoever it is, he/shewould be the Brown St. bear of the flyfishing community
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Can't argue with your logic Juro. Sounds good to me. What about time zone changes? Where does the New Year happen first? Australia?

I tried to start a New Year's tradition of sorts in RI. Always wanted to claim that I was the first to fish the "Hexagenia Lumbada Hatch," at Wood River.

Each year I would invite Left Kreh, Dave Whitlock, Joe Humpfrey, and others. I would have my hole all staked out hours before. But every year, they would never show. That's why I stopped the tradition.
Wow Ray that's the Who's of Who list of flyfishing. Impressive!
ssuly -

You're right, they sure are pioneer and legends of fly fishing. They all E-mailed me back. Their direct quote, "Who in the hell are you anyway?"

Seems like my reputations precede me.
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