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Where do you think this is going?

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Could this be a major set back in C&R on Wild Steelhead?
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I read that in disgust and checked out their web site. Just one look at their banner tells it all! }>

They remind me of the Hanford workers who fight to keep the nuke operations open while their neighbors 'enjoy' some of the highest glandular tumor rates in the nation, cows fall dead at rates too high for investigators to keep up, etc.

Or the barons who want the last few percentages of old growth in the OP (I believe 93% has been logged, and these trees are 750-1000 yrrs old) because the value of second and third growth trees defies their own propaganda - "renewable resource"; they want it because there is no money in third growth and these corporations are founded on greed.

There is a similar publication (I'll look it up) that is funded by Intalco, the aluminum conglomerate. It uses propaganda to rally pro-dam / pro-barging / nothings wrong with Snake River native steelhead, etc. Bonneville put out a free video with Robert Wagner (Natalie Wood's ex) called "restoring the legacy" that was a propaganda flick for BPA to beat their chest about the efforts they make to get smolt downriver while we all know they are abysmal failures in terms of adult returns. You can find it at Safeway. Don't watch it on a full stomach.

This is just more big-business backed street mob rallying propaganda that is being used to rationalize exploitation of natural resources without shame.

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Anyone wanting to become informed on the scientific issues concerning wild salmonids on the west coast should read from the library of the native fish society

check out all of the info lidted there.. related to this issue read the Chilicotte and derhart afidavits.
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