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When do the stripers arrive?

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Hey Guys, When do the fish show up? Has anybody seen any action yet?
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I've tried the Plymouth power plant a couple of times for holdovers and got nothing but balls of lobster trap rope for my trouble. I think my first fishy day last year was at the power plant on April 29th. I landed a ton of twinkies that day.
Hey Gregg:

I'm thinking of putting the canoe in the bass river and trying for some schoolies. I heard you can have a lot of action on gurgglers and top water flies. Are you ready for more canoe trip this year?

Lots of backing,
They'll get here as soon as they finish doing what they do in the spawning grounds. From what I gather from another site the spawn still hasn't happened- so look for closer to Me
morial day. ron
PS We just came off the first normal winter in about 5 yrs or so.

Oh Yeah! Count me in. Heck, even if we don't catch fish it is still fun with the white knuckle wave rides, finicky motor, and "foggy" navigation. :) Are you gonna be doing the spring clave? The Bass was hot that time last year.

If the current scheeming my brother and I are involved in works out we may have a less "adventurous" ride to seek the stripped ones in and you will always have a seat and a casting station.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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