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What is this?

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Where was this photo taken? Here's the kicker. What year?

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A Boneclave Bivouac!

The blue tarp, as opposed to silver says it must be '99 (??)
Definately Bone-Clave Washburn, but I'm going to say 2000. I think I see my lantern case & I think the tarp is silver, it just looks blue in the shade ??
I'm with Al- 1999. Notice the lack of Boyscouts in the background, and I think it was silver and larger in 2000.

The give away for the year is the fact that in 2000 we stored our gear off to the left of the path (Boy scout issues). Also, the first day of B2K was overcast, not sunny as pictured here.
Great trivia Sully! Amazing how the sight of a tarp makes all those memories come rushing back to this frosty winter day!

That tarp is reversible - silver on one side, blue on the other. If you look real close, the darker edges reveal that the silver side is up... meaning Boneclave I! I say 1999.
Grego, move to the head of the class.
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Who's Got The "Hawkeye(s)" now, Baby!? :-}

(Now if I could just translate it to the FLATS ... !!!)
Do I have to give up my monicker now?
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