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What a weekend. I fished all day Saturday (more or less sun to sun) and then from 7 AM to 10 AM this morning. Here are the places that I hit:

Loop Beach and the Narrows - Cotuit
The Parkers River and the Bass River - West Yarmouth
The Herring River - Harwich
Stage Harbor/Hardings Beach - Chatham
Oregon Beach - Cotuit

To sum up my weekend...skunked. I did not see much bait at all but for some sand eels (or some other small bait du jour) in the Bass River estuaries.

I found all kinds of rust in my cast this weekend and I have new found motivation to lay down some line on the lawn at work during lunch. Hopefully I will be shooting some real line by the Spring Clave. My new 10 wt. Winston casts a 350 grain like a champ but it was not stellar with my Aqualux intermediate line.

Now on to more important matters: First of all, many thanks to Jeff Borkowski, Roop, Juro and Bill Stanton for their stellar company, generosity and hospitality. This year I plan on paying you back with some hospitality and generosity of my own. Perhaps I could get you guys into a couple of my kayaks so that you could head out to some otherwise unreachable fishing locales, beach the yaks and then enjoy a pristine and solitary cow fest. I will plan on bringing the yaks to the Spring Clave. They may prove to be useful on the Brewster Flats. The sandbars/flats in and around Chatham can be another great place to beach the yaks and fish.

Juro, it was great to see you hook up with your first striper of the season. That was the only hookup that I witnessed thoughout the course of the entire weekend. Juro, did you get any more schoolies after I left this morning or does your son have the right to harass you and your fresh skunkitude? How about you Roop?

Schoolies are here and hopefully they will arrive in consistent numbers sometime soon. I think that the South Side will be on fire during the Spring Clave. Then again, some sour girl behind the counter at Friendly's predicted a June arrival for the schoolies. After I dropped my two scoops of cookie dough on the floor she realized that she just shouldn't say that to a salty guy in waders come this time of year. True story.

I will see you at the Spring Clave...

-Mike Doogue

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Sorry about your luck with the fish little Bro'.

How did my bandolier serve you? Is it a keeper?

The celebrity guests at the Apple Blossom parade were only fair to good this year. Dick Vitale, Moses Malone, Susan Hawk (of Survivor fame) and Jim Palmer were the notables in the procession. I'm headed home from Winchester, VA tomorrow. I may try to swing by Harry Murray's fly shop in the morning, though.

Hopefully your luck will change soon. Were you wearing your Simms jacket? I thought I took care of you in the Karma depertment with that item........


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LOL! Sorry to hear about the double scoops but it sounds like quite the funny scenario. We hit Seafood Sams for lunch and I think Roop had a thing for the plastic lobster ;-)

Great fishing with you and Jeff last evening; and with Bill and Roop making all five this morning. I was able to talk to John about the foot long squid that were eating his fly but we did not end up hooking up with him today and I hope Adrian fared well despite the cold front.

Boy did that wind howl this morning! We could hardly hear each other talk over the howling and the cold front blowing from the north had a bone chill in it. Funny when I got back home to do the chore list it was pleasant inland. I guess old man winter is putting up a fight this year.

Despite the turn in the weather I had a great time thanks to you guys. And yes, that one bright and feisty schoolie changed the whole ocean from a striperless void to the beginning of another season.

The pickin's were slim but man did it ever feel good to be watching the waning sun streaking through evening clouds again while casting into the flood tide.

Well, if anyone wants to add the Nauset stretch from Orleans down to Chatham Inlet to the list of sorties for the clave the oversand permit is on the window and my fingers are crossed that they will make it 'round the bend by then.

The only missed objective for the weekend was to get to the Chatham Anglers Club to see John's new additions... but like he said there's a whole summer ahead for that.

BTW - it's about 10:30 and I am just finishing up with the tasks I had been assigned by my better half. I am happy to do them though... cause when the fish are in thick it will be the chores who will have to wait and not me! I think two weeks is going to be perfect.

Special thanks to Bill for his hospitality - sorry Bill I didn't think about the shovel and the jack plank until I was an hour north! Had a blast, look forward to fishing with you all again.

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I will talk to you soon but just to let you know in the interim:

The William Joseph bandolier is definitely a keeper. Well made and very convenient access to gear and water/food while fishing. I will by a William Joseph chest pack today. The bandolier is awesome for any "normal" fishing outing but I would like more room for food and water when fishing remote locales like those out on Monomoy. I will buy something a little bigger than the bandolier (but I like William Joseph) so that if we go together I can carry some supplies for us - mostly extra water.

The Simms jacket was incredible. It rained the first morning of the weekend and I was bone dry and comfy. The pockets easily hold large fly boxes and the built in zingers are awesome. I can even cinch down the sleeves so that the ends of the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt do not get wet when I stick my arm in the water.

Talk to you soon and hopefully we can fish some of the new spots that I learned this weekend in the near future. Jeff Borkowski is up for meeting with you and doing a morning fishing sortie this Saturday. He is a great guy and you should meet up with him.


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Juro, I posted my experiences under the schoolies thread but in summary:

Saturday Waquoit/Falmouth skunked, but nice to be out fishing.

Sunday: Marion - two stripers in the a.m. and large bluefish in the p.m. and yes, the NorthEasterly was a bitch, especially the run back from Mattapoiset!

I was trying to explain to Kris who you were and he had you down as a 300lb guy ???

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Not a fish this weekend despite hitting several spots along west Falmouth late Saturday (great tide, nice offshore breeze, and beautiful sunset), and several spots Sunday am as described above by fellow members. Great to fish with you guys Sunday. Good practice for the blitzes to come.

Nice to see Capt Keith's report on the bathtub, especially after seeing frost in the yard this morning!

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Despite no fish, great people and great places made my weekend a success. Being the rookie that I am, I learned a ton thanks to Mike, Juro, and Bill. It was a worthwhile scouting mission indeed. Not to mention my casting in 50mph winds improved dramatically.

Having never fished Monomoy, I heard enough Monomoy stories from Juro to make me consider swimming out to fish the flats Sunday evening. In the end, discretion did NOT get the better part of valor...simply, I never learned the Fly-Rod-in-Hand swim stroke. Rest assured, I have made an inquiry over at the Y, and they're examing the possibility of adding the stroke to future course offerings. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to make the trip out during the Spring Clave (sans the swim).

Roop, it was a pleasure meeting you, and John, hopefully we'll have to opportunity to fish together soon. Sounds like the Chatham Anglers Club has quickly become part of the Forum's heritage. I look forward to visiting.

Special thanks to Bill for a comfortable place to lay my head Saturday night.

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I would love to take you up on the offer to try out your 450 grain. In truth, I think that the rod would handle such a beast of a line with grace and power. I would also just plain love to cast a 450 grain line. I have never cast more than a 375 grain. Perhaps the 450 grain will be the sectret in some of the deep holes that I fish this summer.

Thanks again for the offer.

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