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Weather Gods forced me to steer clear of Cape

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Well with the weather report and the Rip Ryder trip being cancelled, I decided to stay up north. It looks like if any one hit Chatham early morning - they might have had a break in the weather.

Since my casting arm started twitching this morning - due to the anticipation of the Rip Ryder trip, I am at least going north a bit and try my luck at some trout. Can't let the arm go into withdrawl! I hope I can at least think it's casting a nine-weight.

Guess I have to earn some points for the next trip. Spend some of the day working on the "Honey-Do" list.

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Good decision! It was not fit for man nor beast.

One thunderboomer was so loud and close that all the roosting birds on the spit got scared and flew up at once. That got me shakin' a little bit, then another schoolie slammed the fly ;D

I am heading back north today, have lots of work to get done myself. Plugged in from the cottage now trying to get things caught up in fact.

Better days are ahead
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