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The weatherman kept our clients off the water this weekend. Saturday was a washout, but Sunday was a great day to take a busman's holiday. Sunday produce an equal array of both bass and blues. Small harbor size blues continue to push suspended schools of smaller silversides in the area from Pine Tree Point to Hope Island. Working your lure in the subsurface depth with produce countless strikes. Both trolling and casting methods are both effective, but drifting is my way of choice. Larger size bluefish were schooled along the outer shore of Sandy Point south to Projac Point.

This weeks prolong westerly breezes will push most of the bait toward the Eastern Shore of the state. Places like Providence Point on Prudence Island and Poppasquash Point will produce bass as the wind and currents merge. Baits of choice remain silversides, but don't rule out morsels like crabs, shrimp, and worms flies if you're a fly fisherman.

Post moon low tides this weekend coincides with sunrises. Most estuaries will be void of water. Fishing over structure, or along deeper channels of flats may produce results during the morning. Night fishing should be "primo" with the outgoing tide being stronger all night during this moon phase.
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