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Sounds like a great time Jeff!

Here's a tip - don't throw both tickets into the drawing bin! I didn't realize the tickets were doubled up (left/right sides) to provide a match ticket. I threw a bunch of tickets into the prize bins and realized about halfway thru. They called a number in my range, and had to draw again because no one claimed it. I was gonna plead my case, but decided to pass on the spectacle.

If Dr.Conroy is still there, tell him I said hello. I ran into him as I was landing my third summer run in one evening on the Snoqualmie (lost a forth). He was walking his chocolate chesapeake retriever along the mouth of the raging, and I had just brought a ferocious summer run buck to the bank. It was a fish of about 7 pounds, thick and fins perfect. The fight it had was simply amazing. We speculated that it was a Raging River summer native or wild fish.

Have a good time!
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