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Washington Trout Auction\Dinner

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Hey guys,

I was just contacted by the Washington Trout guys again and it is time for there annual Auction and Banquet. It will be held May 20th at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA. I have gone the last couple of years and can say that it is honestly one of the funnest evenings that I have all year. The food is outstanding. The Wine is great and free flowing. The auction is fun and has some good stuff (2 years ago I lost out on a CF Burkheimer 15' 10wt two handed rod and I am still kicking myself). If you would like more information you can contact me at [email protected] or go to the Washington Trout web page and the info is under the calendar link. If you want to go and we get enough we can get complete tables together. I have 6 people right now and tables hold 8-10.

Also if you would like to donate to the auction I would recommend that also. I can be anything. I donate software each year so it doesn't have to be fishing related. I have the information on this also.

This is a fun evening with great people, good food, great wine, and supporting a good cause.

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Sounds like a great time Jeff!

Here's a tip - don't throw both tickets into the drawing bin! I didn't realize the tickets were doubled up (left/right sides) to provide a match ticket. I threw a bunch of tickets into the prize bins and realized about halfway thru. They called a number in my range, and had to draw again because no one claimed it. I was gonna plead my case, but decided to pass on the spectacle.

If Dr.Conroy is still there, tell him I said hello. I ran into him as I was landing my third summer run in one evening on the Snoqualmie (lost a forth). He was walking his chocolate chesapeake retriever along the mouth of the raging, and I had just brought a ferocious summer run buck to the bank. It was a fish of about 7 pounds, thick and fins perfect. The fight it had was simply amazing. We speculated that it was a Raging River summer native or wild fish.

Have a good time!
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