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USGS links down?

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Just tried checking out the levels for upcoming visits and found that most of the links were down???

Where has everyone been getting flow info from lately?

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It's down.

FYI - the Snoqualmie reached a milestone the other day - I saw it had dropped to 900cfs . . .before July 15!!!

Fortunately, for both fish and fishermen, the torrential rains we're receiving will boost the levels a bit.

The Upper Sky fished very well yesterday. Fabulous water, and we had a lot of it to ourselves. But except for lots of smolt, we weren't able to do any damage. Also saw lots of salmon splashing in the runs.

Heard a few good stories from JJ (he pulled over as we were walking Hwy 2 back to the truck), so I know there were some lucky anglers out there this weekend!
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