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With this rain, anyone planning to taking an exploratory trip to Palmer Kanasket State Park once it drops? The stretch from the bend down to Horseshoe fishes well with a fly and after a big rain in the fall it can be packed with summer runs. I've had a number of multi-fish days there as well as Headworks.

If you go into the park and take a right down at the bottom the parking lot takes you a few steps from the boudler run below the Palmer rearing ponds. After a big rain the fish are stacked in that pool and get real crazy in the evening and early morning. If not they are sure to be in Horseshoe, which is left instead of right.

Most of my Headworks fish have come from the first pool as you walk in. You'll see many fish from the road as you walk up, I keep walking and fish down to them as I work back to the parking lot. A surprising number of them are wild summer fish.

Some hang around Flaming Geyser around the potty hole too, for some reason. I found summer fish hanging there every fall. I used to fish there with great success with a park worker who did park maintenance, etc. Over the years he was promoted to ranger, I suppose he is still the ranger for F.G park today. He would cringe reading this! Anyway, very little fall pressure, very nice fall fish. I wonder if they are remnants of the program they had in the park years ago?

The Icy Creek part of the gorge also holds summer fish, and what a sweet place to swing a fly. It's a little hairy during hunting season in there though...
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