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Updated Monomoy Journal (Chronicles)

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Per the What's New link, I scanned a bunch of photos and put them into the Chronicles page for Monomoy... somehow I feel like I may have lost some of the images emailed to me when I upgraded pc's last fall.

If anyone has pics not up in the journal pertaining to Monomoy (proper) pls let me know.

Riptrip and others coming right up! Also if anyone is interested in doing a journal let me know.

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Thanks J - nice job!

Those memories help take some of the edge off my present desire to decapitate anyone/ anything!!

Currently not as unhappy as I was 5 minutes ago,

Would it be possible to show some of these slides at the tying clave? Of course it would be up to you and Sully. I will understand if you don't fell like doing this.
I have a lot of images - a LOT. To show them at the clave I would need to borrow a projector. These are very high ticket items. If anyone out there works for an MIS department and can get an in-focus machine please let me know!

Some may get an OLD page in the journal... if so just hit "Refresh" to get the new images! Enjoy!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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