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Just got back from Belize.
We stayed on a "mother ship". 45', 2 cabins,2 heads, 4 anglers, 2 guides, 2 pangas, and one cook (the food was very good).
We were able to travel to areas that would best suit our fishing plans. We had good fishing for bones, snook and tarpon. The biggest advantage of this style of trip is the fishermen dictate the schedule and wake up, eat,and fish when they want. It costs a little less than staying at a lodge.
The next time I go, I will concentrate only on permit. Did say permit? The waters we fished have a lot of the elusive fish. It might be the only place you would go and exclusively fish for them ( I've heard maybe the Keys). I might spend six days on the bow and get skunked, but it won't be for lack of shots.
The conditions we fished ranged from completely over cast to raining. I was still able to get off at least 20 good shots in two days. This netted (literally) me one permit. I have to think that if we could have seen more than just tails, and nervous water our luck would have been even better.
The bonefish are small but it is nice to catch 'em.
The tarpon fishing is very similar to the Keys with the guide poling across big flats looking for fish. In one after noon, we had at least 6 good shots. No other boats.
The permit and Bones seem to live in different spots, so a grand slam in the traditional sense is not easy. One guy on the trip did have two different chances at getting the IGFA configuration, landing a snook and a tarpon, but missing out on the bonefish both days. To be fair, on the second day, he offered the bow to my wife, so she could catch a bonefish that day.
We also took a trip up the Belize River. Crocodiles, iguanas, howler monkeys, and baby tarpon and snook. This was like a combination of Disney land, Apocalypse now, and days of a sportsman (thankfully without the Gowdy's).
Anyway, we had a great trip.
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