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Tying Conclave Update!!!!!!!!!

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Hi All,

First off I'd like to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year. I haven't had much time to check the board lately due to the holidays and coaching 17 hockey games in the last nine days. Whew!

I really want to do a bangup job on this years tying clave. So here is what I'm trying to do. I just got off the phone with Mr. Bill Catherwood and inquired if he would be interested in attending our tying clave. He explained to me that he does seminars at a cost of $500.00 per event. He would start with a slideshow presentation and then do tying instruction of his method of Saltwater patterns for the remainder of the day. Mr Catherwood is a world renowned SW fly tyer and He will be celebrating his 76th birthday next month.

If the interest is high enough I think it would benefit all of us to to have this man demonstrate his skill, sense of humor and tying methods.

Please respond your opinions to this thread ASAP as I informed him I would let him know our position by next week. Thanks in advance.

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I, for one, would find Mr. Catherwood extremely interesting. I know very little about him, other than what I have read in Bob Veverka's Innovative Saltwater Flies book. Looks like he was a pioneer for flyfishing P.I. And his tying method is certainly unique!
To me, he seems like the kind of guy that I would like to "sit around a campfire" with and just listen to his stories! That would be priceless!!
On the other hand, it seems like you may be trying to turn an informal get together into something else....this is NOT a complaint, by any means!
I don't know what the current tally for attendees to the clave are...but...if you only have around 20 guys committed, that's $25.00 a person...just my 2 cents.
Doug B.
...Your Tying Clave is going to be GREAT no matter what!!! but... I think "casual" would be better for the beginners...When I was starting out I found it intimidating to be in the company of "expert celebrities"...(JURO not withstanding...I'd rather give him my $$$ and I suspect the quality and content would be a good show for both beginner and advanced).
I'd prefer to meet FORUM members and develop a firm foundation first, then later on mingle with the Big-Dogs.
After the last fly fishing show, everyone would have had the opportunity to troop the tying tables, take notes, and become inspired.
Armed with fresh enthusiasm, ideas, and material, perhaps then we could arrange another Clave and invite Mr. Catherwood (or another "tycoon") to "tie things together". Whatever, I hope to be there !!! Sully, thanks for making this event FLY.
(Just my $.02)
I agree with both Solo and Dough. I think it is best to have an informal session.
Let's keep it that way and perhaps later we could think about having Bill for another
clave. FishHawk
I'd vote for casual as well. It really can be intimidating to have an expert right away, although, I'd love to see catherwood in action. Tom D
Thanks for the input guy's I'll inform Mr Catherwood it's a no go.
I feel like I started a "scuttle" of a good idea...especially when I can only drop by the clave for an hour...( Bill Catherwood may be a great idea for a different time?? ) you know if Mr.Catherwood is going to be at either of the upcoming fly shows?
Doug B.
I plan to tie Ray's Fly . I am scheduled for laser eye surgery that Wed. and hopefully all will go as planned. What are other people planning to tie?
As a new-kid-on-the-block, after I get to meet some of the folks I've been following on the FORUM, I'm going to start off with a notebook and a sharp pencil...Books are fine but up close and personal wins the prize.
Flies are alot like good one ear and out the other...(enter the journal).
I've got an epoxy-head and a small attractor that works well and ties easy.
I'd like some shrimp and squid ideas, and a lesson on the
"less is more" approach.
Too bad SSULLY can't invite a few Stripers/Albies/Blues for insider input!?
I had the chance to meet Bill Catherwood at a shop open house last winter and he's the real deal. Amazing to watch him create (with the handicap of arthritis in his hands that would probably cripple most of us) He'd also spin a day's worth of tales as part of his session. That being said, I think the concept of Stony Brook is best captured informally.
Something that might be fun would be if we had one or two charter capts that might be willing to stop by with some of their slides and 'fish stories'. Could add another aspect to a fun day?!?
Looking forward to the date....
Sully -

Awesome idea, thanks for keeping the tying clave iron in the fire with all you have going on right now. It's a real privilege to have Bill right here in our neck of the woods.

Someone mentioned Bob Veverka - well, Vermont isn't all that far away either. I hope to go fish the White river this spring and stop by to say hello to Bob. There are a few really incredible tyers close by, and I hope we can get to meet them up close and personal someday.

However it turns out, I'm sure it will be a great event. Now that's it's officially January, let's all be sure to recruit our fellow fly angers to attend.

To say I'm looking forward to this is a major understatement! I am PUMPED!

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