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I have noticed what seems to be a lot of spey aficinados on this list and I have a question. I know nothing about two-handers so bear with me.

I would like a rod that is in the 11-12 foot range that can be casted both single and double handed. I also want to be able to strip line when necessary.

My reasons are two fold. First I would like a smaller river steelhead rod. Second I would like a rod for beach fishing that I can cast two handed but also strip line. Reason being I have some shoulder probs and the spey casting style looks like it is easier on the joints. Beach fishing requires a ton of casting. However I will need to be able to strip line in to imitate baitfish which is something i don't see many spey casters doing.

What are my options?

Thanks for the advice,


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Spey casting is we you suspect much easier on the body.
I am not sure about using spey casting on the beach but i can tell you that it is not difficult to fish a stripping presentation with a spey rod. the length or number of hands used to cast a rod is irrelevant to being able to fish a baitfish or streamer presentation. I strongly recommend a rod of at least 13 feet. A shorter rod really loosed it's advantage very quickly especially when wading deep. It simple becomes too difficult to keep the line off the water and kills the forward delivery of the cast.

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Bob S, (nickname Bubba) has a T&T 8wt 12 ft rod that is good for both purposes. In fact, I think he has it up for sale...

It's in our For Sale By Owner section. If you live in the Seattle area you might check it out. Bob is one heck of a caster and can definitely demonstrate it's merits.

Also, if you tuck the two-handed handle under an arm like the striper guys do, the rest of the rod feels like a 9.5 footer - easy to strip with. Good weight for all around fishing too - 8wt. I fish a 12fter in the salt occasionally and it's no problem.

I fish a 7wt 13.5 ft Spey in smaller rivers for steelhead and mostly single-handers in the salt, but a two-hander has it's advantages in surf fishing for sure.

Other options include the new European rods from Sage, 6wt up. These are fast overhand tapers and not ideal for Spey casting but in small rivers with DT lines or heads they should be workable. These would be a compromise in favor of overhand and saltchuck.

Going with a traditional Spey action would compromise in favor of the river.

I'll defer to Blacksalmon, Kush, Skookum, DoubleSpey, Sinktip, etc, etc...
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