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I'm working on the trip report article over the weekend...

<center>" border="0">
<font size="1">Sunlight breaks thru the rainforest canopy and illuminates
the hanging lichens along the Sol Duc River</font><!--1-->

<center><img src="" border="0"><font size="1">
Cougar's leftovers ? A deer is "fully utilized" by the forest's inhabitants</font><!--1--></center>

<center><img src="" border="0"><font size="1">
Wild and free... this 14 pound buck was caught on a previous trip and released.</font><!--1--></center>

<center><img src="<font size="1">
Andre captures this image as I battle a native steelhead on the Skagit River, but by the time he reached me the giant trout and I had parted ways.</font><!--1--></center>
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