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Too early for a dry line?

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That's what everyone's been saying. My thermometer on the other hand says 52 degree water temperature. So I fished through with the tip, then fished through again with "grease line" steelhead sculpin (much reduced head), and worked the tailout with a size 6 bomber. Somebody rolled on the bomber! I'm not saying bit it, or tail slapped it, but simply rolled over the top of it. Couldn't interest it again with anything in the box, but still a major rush! Tee hee!
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Never too early for a dry line if the water flow will allow for it. You can always go to heavy flys. Easier to cast, easier to mend, etc., and so on.
Do you really think so ? Do you not think it is easier to fish an intermediate with a lighter fly rather than a floater with a heavy fly. Personaly I hate a heavy fly when Spey casting give me a slow sinker / intermediate which you rollto the top and a light fly, the fly has much more life.
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