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Tips on water temp, flies, bait, bluefish and birds

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Water Temperature Tip coming from the Pro’s:
A tip I received from flats boat Capt. Dave Steeve’s is to look for water temps in the 55-deg. range. When you find it, you will find
fish. Especially on the flats on and around Monomoy. He was recently looking for fish in Stage Harbor and all that was required was to look at his temp. gauge. If it
read 55, he was into fish! Monomoy wade guide George Ryan (Mayor of Monomoy) says when you feel a warmer temp. change through your breathable waders,
stop and fish it or look for them. Normally in the spring when you’re on the flats this warmer water is a prime spot. Search out warmer water on the flats and you
WILL be rewarded.

Friends have been hitting Stripers and Blues while site fishing. Seeing more Blues now. BOY! Do they love a big popper splashed as HARD and as FAST as you
can. I like using the baseball grip retrieve to achieve the most noise and commotion. This retrieve gives you the most bangs for your buck!

Bait and Flies:
Found several Bass with micro eels in their throats and terns were picking up the same. No need to match this bait yet, as these fish are still on fire and will hit
almost anything with-in reason. I have my best luck with Blues if I imitate large bait, 3-5 inch's tall-5-8 inch's long. That's what they want, so give it to'em. The other
major profile of bait that is present is Thin (pencil or less in thickness), 4 inch's long. Adult Sand Lances and Silversides. White on bottom, Olive on top. Or all
white, all chartreuse. Throw in a little gold flash as an attractor.

Birds, Bait and Flies:
Normally, if I see seagulls diving, I will put on a medium to wide profile fly. Terns diving, I will always use thin profile. Smaller birds can not pick up the larger stuff.

Please be careful with these exaggerated tides! CARRY A COMPASS!

Happy Hookin;

Randy Jones
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Randy... thank's for these reports .. there great.. love to fish with you sometime. Was that you on a ladder at the west side of south beach. You may have seen me.. I approached about 50 yards from you in a yellow tri-balance kayak Friday about two weeks ago.
It probably was me. Next time, give me a hey you! Fishing with you would be great! Hopefully I can take a day off and hang with your group again and maybe wet a line. That would be great!

Im gald you like the reports. To some of the more experienced anglers they are nothing new, but to others they are educational and interesting. If they help just one person hook into a fish, then Im happy.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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