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Tip 'o the hat to Ssully!

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Just wanted to say thanks for a great morning of putting faces on so many board members.
Wish that I could have stayed longer!
What did I miss during the afternoon?
Doug B.
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That was a great clave. My only complaint is the time seemed to go too fast. Got some great tips from TomD and Fishhawk and of course, Ray S. As a beginner, I am in absolute awe of John Morin. Did he say he's been tying for just six weeks? Also great to put some faces with names.

I,m going to crack a beer and toast Sully right now. Thanks a bunch.

Fred A.
I too want to thank Sully for having us use his club. It was great to meet a great group of anglers and fly tyers. FishHawk
Sulmeister: Hat's off to you dude

Great to see the gang in flesh and blood. Made me want to go fishing. We're lucky our friend Mr. Sully hosted this event again. Fine job and please pass along our thanks to the men who run the club (Stoneybrook).

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Sully - Boy you throw a good party! What time should we all be over for the football game?

Please extend my thanks to the club for the use of such a fine facility, it would be hard to find a better place to hold a winter tying get together than Stony Brook. Your work in putting this all together is appreciated by all. You da' man!

I hope you and Al catch a lot of nice fish on the for-meister flies. Between your enthusiasm to put this together and Al's year-long appropriation of his employer's web server space for our antics (including this one). - it was the least we as a group could do.

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I just want to join the other voices here to say thanks SSully, I had a great time. winning the gift certificate didn't hurt either ;) It was great to see everyone. Fred is right , the time flew! let me know how that vice works out. Tom D
What a great reminder of the friends we have.

Sully, many thanks for putting a dent in the winter blues.

Great to see the old friends & meet the new folks.

After a verry long day yesterday I found myself in bed last night going through pattern books at 1:30 trying to figure out how to get down to NJ to get an early start on the season.


Thanks a bunch! What a great turn out. Sorry that it had to be a short day for me. I would have really liked to have seen the presentations. Oh well, you can't have everything; where would you put it? Looks like it's only about another 70 days until we get to try some of those patterns!
Sully, what a great place and your lucky to have a place like that to hang out.. Thank's for everything and It was great meeting you.. Hope to see you down the Cape this Spring and summer.. please take the time to drop down at my place so let me know when you will be in Chatham or eleswhere on the Cape... great job and thank you.
Big time thanks to all and special thanks to Sully, Al, and Juro.

I had a great time. Learned a few things, met some new people, reconnected with others and in general enjoyed spending time with some like minded souls. I also managed to walk away with Bob Pink's donated bobins - thanks Bob they were sorely needed.
Forgot to mention Ray's presentation... or maybe I did but I'll mention it again. I think someone told him it was going to be a "Juro roast" when he was preparing.

Anyway Mike M's digitals came out gorgeous. Check out this one of some really gorgeous ANGELMUSH...

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A late thanks, but thanks none the less to Sully, Juro, Capt. Ray and all. Great to meet a bunch of you and put faces with names. John, your polarfiber flies were sweet, I never got back over to tie one--next time. I was so motivated by everyone's creations that I went home and tied some more!
Better late than never...that was my mantra for the tying clave. My girlfriend came to town somewhat unexpectedly last weekend and that put a dent into my participation at the tying clave. I did show up for a couple of hours and I was impressed with everyone that I met. In the spirit of this thread I do want to tip my hat to Sully and thank him for setting up the clave.

While at the clave I met some new people and had the chance to catch up with some others. All in all the crew present reminded me of the great community of fishermen that have united through this board. I even found out that I went to college with MattB and that we now live in the same town. Crazy. That was a shocker. Looks like maybe I found a new fishing partner.

As an aside, my girlfriend was in town interviewing for a job in the marketing department at my company. For anybody that followed some of the recent threads you may know that I was planning on moving to Michigan to be with her. It looks like she will be moving back out here now and that means that I can continue to stalk the rock bass along the shores of the Northeast. That is not definite yet but it looks promising. The coolest thing about Kirsten moving out here is that not only is she a wonderful person but she also likes to tie flies. She is even excited about fishing which I never thought would happen. Go figure. It all started with a trip to Popham Beach. The bass were in and she had a good time fishing the rips at the mouth of the Kennebec. I think that my excitement over the whole affair was contagious.

I was sorry that I did not get to the clave earlier. However, in the course of the weekend I may have secured my footing in New England for a few more years. All in all a fair trade. Borkowski, it looks like your goal of convincing me that there are no stripers in Michigan may be coming true. Thanks for the support.

I will catch up with more of you at claves to come.

Thanks again Sully.

-Mike Doogue
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Mike -

If things don't click at your company I'll gladly look into Lycos for a job opening, and have several contacts in marketing communications, field marketing, and product marketing in some good 128 software firms.

It's the least I can do for our official raffle ticket picker!


Thanks for offering to help us out with the job search. I really do appreciate it. My company came through with a good offer for her. There is a high degree of probability that she will take the job. I am the only thing holding her back because I work for a small company and I am unsure as to how weird it will be to work with my significant other.

I will let you know if things do not work out with this job.

Thanks again,

I am sorry I missed it but I wanted to give sully my thanks anyway. I know something like that is a lot of work.
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