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Tide Chart for Town Cove

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Do you use the Pleasent Bay Tide Chart for Town Cove? I can only mak a day trip on this clave. Thanks for the info. FishHawk
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I'll ask Sean, he will be able to pinpoint Town Cove tide relationships with other references. In any case FishHawk - we will be covering a number of venues in the area.

1) Rip Ryder - South Beach / Monomoy Excursion

No better time to go take a ride on Keith's new twin screw shuttle - the bathtub should be packed with fish by then

2) Southside river mouths

I know these very well and are already starting to get some bright schoolies. Should be some herring chasers by then easily.

3) Brewster Flats

Typically third week in May has the bayside flats crawling with some of the biggest fish of the season for the area.

4) Stage Harbor

Another spot with lots of knowledge logged in the collective Forum psyche. We'll talk offline.

5) Chatham

Need I say more? Access to the inlet where Pleasant Bay meets the sea by 4x4 should be adequate for reasonably large sorties.

6) Others I won't mention on line

As I see it, the Anchorage is our HQ but the Cape is our oyster!
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Thanks Juro it begins! So much water so little time. The reason I ask is I know of a spot where we can fish in front of the HQ. Will point it out to youwhen I see you.
Sounds great! Which days are you attending so Roop can include you in the off-line secret spot email list?
I will be ther on Saturday for the day . Looking forward to the list.

You did not supply a field in the sign-up for Bringing Boat?

I can only do a day trip on Saturday. But I plan a repeat of last year. I'm going to bring my boat to Bass River & lauch at the public ramp (Smugglers Beach on the West mouth, Yarmouth) & fish from sunrise to sunset. I can probably get some shore-bound guys out on the boat if there's interest. Juro, I still owe you a trip, so you have first dibbs.

BTW: afternoon tides look better.
Consider my arm aptly twisted! Thanks Grego!

The scene of last years' crime is definitely on the list of spots to target. I hope there is a repeat of the first day action of last year. Those with small boats will also have a ball heading up inside from the launch provided they have the horses to negotiate the strong currents.

There is an email list going where we talk about specifics... we'll make sure you get on the list.
There is a boat launch at Goose Hummock. You can launch from there and motor
up to the dock in front of Anchorage. When I have stayed at Anchorage we used
a small boat to fish the Marsh. Be careful when you try to dock at Anchorage especially
at low tide it gets very shallow in front of the dock.
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