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Upper Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Fly skipper, Capt. Ray Stachelek of Cast a Fly Charters reports, "This week was slow compared to last week’s standards, but it still wasn't bad."

Lower temperatures and wind direction changes made fishing more difficult this week. Although the days were sunny by comparison, water temperatures plummeted by as much as five degrees. This was a “Blue Collar” week for sure. Most of the bass we caught were down at the 10-15 foot mark and you had to work for every one of them. Water visibility was extremely clear due to the drop in algae levels. Finding silversides near the surface was also a problem. They were finally located five feet below the surface in a few selective areas. School bass up to six pounds were feeding under the bottom layers of baitfish up to ten feet thick. The fact that the bass were selectively feeding kept the bait schools intact. They were more like munching, the main reason no blitzes took place. Bristol Harbor and Mount Hope Bay had massive size schools. Best bet this week would be to keep an eye out in these areas. Bluefish in abundance have now entered the upper bay. Once these marauding fish find these schools watch out.

Ohio Ledge has had surface activity at dawn and has been holding fish for the last several days. Boats trolling small wire frames with shassy shads are finding fish down to fifteen feet. Bucktail jigs with curly tails have worked with casters. Angel hair flies and half- &-half Clousers with full sink lines have worked with long rodders. Most of the fish average five pounds. Colt Park shoreline has cooled considerably.

East Greenwich – Green River area contained the first schools of bluefish located in the upper bay. Most of the fish were tailing on the flats feeding on grass shrimp.

Southwest of Prudence Island, bass continue to be trolled up and jigged to 15 pounds.

We'll see what this weekend brings with all the cold temperatures and moisture.

Signing off....... Cast a Fly..... clear!
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