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Just thought it would be cool to share some of those things that only a kid can come up with:

My daughter (4, upon seeing some flies I was arranging):

"You use those so fish believe it's a trick and eat them when they're hungry!"

My son (2, while watching "Spanish Fly" on TV):

"Look daddy, BIG FISH (marlin). Don't worry daddy, you can catch one on family vacation next year." (He remembered that I didn't catch even a schoolie back on vacation last September which impressed and saddened me at the same time

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My daugther made me a card one birthday... has to be one of my most treasured works of art, other than the artist herself of course. She was really young and she drew a stylized picture of me with the drag screaming and the title says "Listen! Is that the sound of FISHING?". Inside the card I appear again landing the fish. The expression in the drawing radiates when you open it and the family signed her card with high regard for her work. It's particularly funny because I always made the screaming drag sound when I talked about the steelhead I had encountered when I got came in the door from a morning of fishing.

She also made me fishing luck charms that I still use to this day! (the secrets out

My two favorites:

On hooking an 18" largemouth bass I tried to hand the rod to my son and he refused saying "no, its a shark"

The other is "Daddy can we go fishing". It never gets turned down.
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