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They're here

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I took my dog for a walk along the Skagit River in Burlington on Saturday. While walking along a stretch that is quite narrow I notice a flash of silver in the water. I put on my sun glasses to see 3 large, bright silver submarines slowly making thier way upstream. I went into the local fly shop a little later to hear that Dec Hogan, while teaching a casting class at Young's Bar in Mt. Vernon, had seen several fish rising.

The spring run is in the river. It would appear that a lot of fish are now moving through the Skagit. Sad.
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It makes me wonder if it is legal for me to swing flies for these fishies as long as your point is cut off.

Would it not be fun to get a quick jerk out of the fish or maybe Im just desperate.
When I lived there, I recall that it was illegal to be in possession of steelhead gear in closed waters. I guess you'd have to have every hook in your possession clipped off

As a hardcore steelheader myself, I do sympathize but... how'd you like to be 'shut off' from late October thru May? Took a while to get used to New England winters but the beauty of flyfishing is all the off-water activities. Tying conclaves, shows, get-togethers and this weekend we rented a massive athletic facility to get our casting arms tuned for the upcoming thaw. Man do I miss the year-round fishin'.

I am somewhat comforted by the thought of Skagit submarines getting to their headwaters, although it's sad that it has come to the point where even the restricted catch and release fishery pays for the sins of mismanagement and kill fisheries. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Let's hope the efforts of the WSC result in healthier runs to quiet the doubt that closes even the C&R seasons.
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I wonder how the Sauk will be fishing June 1st?? It is Friday and I already know that Ryan wont be showing up for class that day.

...but at the same time the North Fork should be on fire! The first of the 3-salts, which is all we are getting this year and the late winter-runs and early DC fish. I can not wait!! Now if I can only make it through May.
Why wait? I did well on the Columbia tribs in May, particularly the East Fk Lewis, and the Cowlitz has fresh summer fish in May as well as springers (which I have caught on flies occasionally). The latter are hatchery but really big, strong summer fish to bide the time. There used to be a May Sekiu fishery in the saltchuck and Point-No-Point is open (typically). I love Washington!

Not sure if I'm reading the closures right but, it seems that the south fork of the Stilly is open. I have heard that a lot of the spring fish will move into the south fork before coming back down and making the turn up the north fork. What do you think?

I heard the same, and before the slides were a big factor I think I heard folks mention a fair number of nates heading up the SF.

Not to change the subject but has anyone tried Point-no-point from shore using flies? Blackmouth are pretty solid there this time of year. Sand eel patterns fished deep would do it I'll bet. The depth at the lighthouse drops from zero to 40 to 100 feet in a good double haul. Clousers and full sink lines, countdown and do the herky jerky strip without moving it forward much each time to let it dance in the current (and there IS current). There used to be boat rental there years ago and many of the big blackmouth come from a very fishable depth.
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