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The Rivers Open

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Headed over to the lower Sky yesterday morning. The river was pushing 8' but I had picked up a new extended mid-section for my Windcutter and was anxious to see how it cast. Was great to have a spey rod back in my hands after a month away and I was pleased with the new line.

As I worked my way down a favorite run, suddenly the line stopped and I lifted into the familiar throb of a nice sized steelhead. The fish made a strong downstream run into my backing before I could check it and start to gain some line back. This was followed by a second run that was shorter but no less determined. Once again I got it stopped and was gaining line when the fish started a third run and the line went slack. I reeled in to find the 12# flurocarbon tippet had come apart at the hook eye. My brief disapointment was quickly replaced by the joy of realizing that after chasing these fish hard for most of March and April with little success, the first forray into June had proven quite the rush.

Drove down to Hansen's on my way out and talked to a guy who had hit a native on the day the river reopened. I guess they were just late. To finish the morning off, I drove up and walked into IRS which was fishing great at this water level but the only action I saw was provided by an over abundance of bubba's in jet boats.

Tight lines -- Sinktip
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Right On 'tip!

I stopped in at Avid Angler for some tubes for saltwater flies on Saturday and Nate (manager) came running out as I was getting into my car to tell me that several customers had gotten into early chromer summers on June 1/2. Sounds like there are quite a few in the Sky.

Sooooo . . who's up for a float?
Brian you shnauzer! Looks like I'll be etching a Wheatley soon

This would be a hard time for me to stay focused if I were still living out there... the re-opening of the season was always good for several morning digressions from chores to enjoy the 4:20 am arrivals of light on the river. I enjoyed success with a variety of techniques for chromer summer fish (just saying that quickens my heart rate)... but that short line muddler thing in the rapids is such a kick!

Look forward to hearing more reports

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so...what seemed to be working on the summer chromers?
GPs? something special?

Looking forward to more updates and some photos.

The fish I tied into on Saturday hit on a 1/0 burnt orange Marabou Spider.

Doublespey, I am up for a possible midweek float. Let me know if it works for you.
Might work if the rivers come down - @ 10,000 cfs right now. I'll keep an eye on the gauge!

Sharpen those hooks!

Well I just got a report from Mother Kalama. Four bright fish taken this morning by the bottom bouncers. Sitting in the office I keep on saying life is too short.

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