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The Charleston Bump

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I thought this might be of interest to those folks interested in fishing around the carolinas. Some nice
images and information about the gulf stream behaviour and shelf structure if nothing else.


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So Greg... when are we going to do some hands-on research!?!?

This is the year.... CAROLINA CLAVE I!!!!
I will be going home for the last week of October. I will be doing mostly red fishing. I want to hit the mouth of the Neuse River. My day had a couple dozen fish over 10lbs days. I will also be tying some of my favorit flies for reds at the tying clave. This is also a good area for Albies to and a good time.
<font size="4">I SMELL A CLAVE!!!</font><!--4-->
I think that Committing to a date early would be helpful for plannimg, as well as, allowing people to (at least try to) open up that time slot. So, ...

<font size="4"><b> Last Week of October ?? </b></font><!--4-->
There is a big festival that weekend called the seafood festival. Tons of food and local bands. There is also a few big sportfishing contest. This is good because everyone heads out to the wrecks anf rocks looking for monsters. I would suggest we split our time between reds and albies.
I think this could be the year for a Carolina clave. I certainly like what I've read so far regarding the activities the last week of October. Then add memories of Jeff's and Nate's experiences down there it sounds great.

I also agree with grego about starting to plan early to establish our plans and activities. I recall from Capt Moore's look into rentals for a place and boat it's really reasonable. Also those that have heavier gear could chase some big fish in the tournaments if they desired. Reds and albies doesn't sound bad either.

I don't think it would be very difficult to
do a clave this year, do you? I am certainly interested.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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