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That's steelheading for ya...

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No guarantees - that's steelheading allright!

Good reading in today's Spokesman.
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Before I clicked on the link, I wondered to myself if your were talking about Fenton Roskelly.

Sure enough. First off he is ancient and is well known in the area for his "reporting". He has even been accused of fishing a fishery hard until he tires of it and then writing about it in glowing terms to get the crowds away from his next area of focus. Not sure if he is guilty or not but he is certainly a character. I wouldn't believe everything he says but hey he is a fisherman after all.

As for me, two days on the Snake this past weekend resulted in five pulls and two fish to hand. Not 21 in 4 hours but I was happy. Especially happy to assist an old college roommate into his first fish on the fly. That made the whole trip worth it.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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