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That's steelheading for ya...

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No guarantees - that's steelheading allright!

Good reading in today's Spokesman.
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Lots of truth and many good points in this article, but the character who wrote it must be the king of the name droppers.

And, 21 steelhead caught in four hours? Give me a break -- you couldn't play them in fast enough to catch 21 in four hours unless they were all under 10" long. What is that, one fish every 12 minutes or so, if my math is right.

Anyway, as I said, he speaks truth when he talks about the vagaries of steelheading. More often than not, I've tried to answer the question of how to catch steelhead in a river that's full of them--and come up short.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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