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Swap update

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Spent several hours dillgently tying my clavemeister tokens of appreciation flies to those who participated. Didn't get them all done before I had to run out to the flyshop to get more materials, where I checked out the Redington (re-branded) suction cup rod holders w/ pvc foam bungees. Since I was carrying a bunch of guys in my truck the next morning this resulted in the inspiration for an eleventh hour project to build my own foam/pvc/bungee rod holders (like the ones Kush uses), which cascaded into prep for the Cape Cod outing which digressed into an o'dark thirty drive to the outer beaches (over 100 miles) to meet the gang to see if the newly dubbed 'Honey Hole' was still puttin' out.

Long story short, I am very close to getting the parcels in the mail. ;D

Thanks for your patience and I hope the extra flies I am putting in each box will make the wait worthwhile.

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Can not wait!!!!
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