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Took a stroll on Chatham Light beach Sunday am, 9:00 – 10:00, about mid outgoing. First impression was that radical changes have occurred. The point at the end of the bowl and the face of South beach seemed to be pushed to the west (much closer when viewed from the top of the stairs) and the channel in front seemed narrower with an exposed bar/island much closer than last fall.

But then my daughter and I walked out to the point and, looking back toward the light, things didn’t look that different. Spatially, I apparently wasn’t calibrated too well. The walk back was long and cold. I took some pics and will forward if they reveal anything interesting. I wish I could have timed the visit with low tide.

Has anybody else had a chance to take a look and what were your impressions?

Fred A.

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My wife & I are planning on spending the weekend of 4/21 in Chatham and while there's no fishing in the forecast, I did plan on doing a little pre-season beach prospecting. I'll report back on my impressions.

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Tod -

The trout fishing should be at it's best then! Let me know if you want a couple good leads in Nickerson, Scargo, Sheeps, etc.

A little detour on 28 would put you into schoolie country too
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