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Stupid me

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Well as I was loading up to go fishing today, inspired by recent photos of large coho i decided that the river i planned to fish would be high and muddy so after putting the fly rod in the truck I take a second thought and remove it taking only the meat stick and some spinners.
So I drove out towards the coast, crossing the East lewis mudbath on I-5 I worry that even my spinners may be futile. I get to the small coastal river and see that the tide is high. I head up river and start fishing below a hatchery (no I didnt plant any bombs) The river is the perfect tea color so common after the first freshet. 1/4 mile downstream is a beautiful run and as my spinner comes to my feet a greyish shadow turns away and heads back to the depths. 100 yards downstream the scene id duplicated twice on consecutive casts. !/2 mile further down I finially get a solid grab and a boil on the surface then nothing. 6 casts later I hook a heavy fish that imediatly begins rolling and twisting a miinute later he comes unbuttoned.. The next little slot I hook 3 big 15+ pound bucks on 3 casts 2 of which I land and release. I released them because I also decided not to get a pen out of my glove box to mark it on my punch card as the law requires. Around the corner to the next run wham another fish on and landed 13 lb hen also released.
I am confident that all of these fish would have grabbed a fly just as readily as my spinner maybe moreso.. The moral of this story??? Never leave your fly rod at home!!!!!!!
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Great to hear about the big chromers in the lower river.

Looking forward to the 'sequel'... }>
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