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Looking at the Boneclave Journal I kinda remember the details of things. For instance, the albies bustin' mid-day inside the channel between the jetties at high tide.

If you have some details to share about a picture, just take the URL of the photo and use it in a FlyTalk post using the <font color="0000ff">[<!--no-->img=<URL><!--no-->]</font><!--color--> feature and tell the tale!

As Tim says, it's good medicine and your memories from the trip would say more than the images themselves. I'd be happy to add participants comments into the journal to make it a real journal and not just a photo album.

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[Using your best Star Trek Impersonations]

<b>Kirk: Damit Scotty! I need more Power! </b>

<b>Scotty: But Captain, I'm givin you all she's got! </b>

<b>Kirk: Damit Scotty! I don't want excusses! We can't let those Klingons beat us to the Neutral-Zone!</b>

Of course, the Klingons are Tim & Marvin, and the Neutral-Zone is Suconesset Shoal.

Good thing the Joskolator was not there that morning I think I would have been seriously out-gunned in HP!

Do you think we had enough rods !?

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