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Stony Brook Tying Clave Update

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Hi All,

If things go according to plans we have a major addition in the works. Captain Ray Stachelek has graciously offered to do a slide show presentation. This event will happen at Ray's convience probably in the afternoon.

Applause all around to Mr. Pink for arranging this. Thanks Bob.
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Sully -

Although dependent on the availability of a PC projector (no slides), I can also do a presentation of additional conclave images -or- two-handed casting for the surf, or something like that. I don't recall but is there a large screen monitor / TV in the facility?

Oh, I forgot to mention that Ray runs a guide service called "Cast a Fly Charters". This coming season please consider booking a trip.

Ray I'm looking forward to seeing your pattern "Capt. Ray's Angel Fly".

No large screen TV,sorry. I can bring a kick butt laptop with a 15" display.
Sully - I think I can lug a big monitor and do the slideshows.

BTW - Ray's banner ad appears on the Flytalk page. If you don't see it hit refresh a few times. His contributions to Rhodyfest last year were highly appreciated. Although I missed that one, I heard his one-cast bonito was the treat of the camp dinner.

Hey Ray - that's one swanky banner you got there
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Wow, this is becoming a big event. It just goes to show how this group and forum has grown. Thanks to all those involved. This should be awsome. One thing I loved about last years is the small group feeling we had last year. I think I will miss that alot. I wonder if we could plan a few smaller ones over the winter? The lame thing about mentioning this is I cannot offer a location to do it. However, if anyone has a place I could help get everything else together.
Nate, I'm not sure, but I could probably get my club... FIN FUR AND FEATHER in Millis for another tying clave. looks like I'll only be able to get to the Stoney Brook one for about 3 hrs at best. how long do you guys figure it'll take me to get there from sharon? I can get to the intersection of 95 and 128/ or 95/495 in about 12 minutes. Tom D
Does anyone have a digital camara to take pictures?
I'll bring mine and a cam corder as well - mpeg converter I bought last year will let us post short movies.
I will also be bringing a camcorder with a tripod.

I should have thought of this earlier but better now than forget it completely. If you can bring along some power strips and extension cords. I know I use a desklamp to tie. The lighting in the hall is overhead fluorescent with some recessed incandescants. Now I hope the optician gets my glasses fixed by then or I'm screwed.

I want to keep the cleanup as painless as possible so I figured we can send out for pizzas and subs for lunch. Terry has offered to bring a coffee maker and fixins.

Last but not least I'm setting up a bucket by the door for donations to the clave. All proceeds will then be forwarded to Juro for operating expenses of the board. I think I might still have a bait bucket around.
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As of this moment I'm planning on stopping by the tying clave. I can also bring my Olympus C-3000 digital camera if that would help + a tripod.

I'll be at the Marlboro show with my little Bro' on Saturday as well. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

All the best,

Yes. I have a DV camcorder that functions as a digital camera as well. I'll be bringing that, power strip and extension cords. The nice thing is I can create pretty much any video format from the tapes, as well as stills from tape.

Also, given that no one else is bringing family, I'll be leaving my kids at home.
Anyone bringing any tying materials?

We are the biggest bunch of technoids to ever tie a fly!

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I'll be bringing a batch of stuff... if I can still go. I never know about these things
Will you be posting directions to the clave soon?Thanks FishHawk

Go to the side banner (left) & click on "Tying ConClaves". Then Click on "Roster" for Stoney Brook & the directions are at the very bottom.
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