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Stony Brook is a Stone Cold Hit!

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Well, being the lightweight that I am, I arrived late and left early but WOW what a turnout! Clavemiester extrodinaire ssully had the Stoney Brook site up and running early and by the time I got there it was every man for himself to get table space. Heavy doses of comraderie and good spirits to shake off the mantle of winter.
I would guess that there was a fair amount of volunteer help at the beginning and end that should be recognized as well as Capt Ray for putting together his slide presentation and talk. (I'm sure there were a few of Ray's "Killer Angels" that found his personal touch at the vise)

Thanks Guys for making spring feel not quite so far away.

Now, about the hat???
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It was great to meet you Bob. I liked your black snake fly looks like a real killer fly. It was also great to meet Roop and Striper Blue. Good to connect the faces with the names. Thanks Juro for your input also. Can't wait to fish with you all. FishHawk
Thank you Sully for a wonderful day of tying and friendship. And I even won the flies! They're excellent. Thanks Bob.

For those of you who were interested in where to obtain the plastic storage sleeves, I purchased them at:
33 Union Avenue
Sudbury, MA 01776

When I purchased them in 1998, I had to purchase 1,000 of them and the cost was $23.36! The product number was 01-0207-4 and they were described as 2" x 7" x .004mil. If you call, they will have them ready when you arrive.

- Brendan
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I can not say anything more than what has already been said.. Putting faces with names was great. Good to see Roop, and thanks for the Tip rip pictures and for asking ME to show you Ray's fly. Sully, that looks like a great little club and thanks for all your efforts in putting it together. Greg swapped me his old winchester reel for the lamson ,and I will get him the extra spool I have down the Cape. Juro, Bob Pink Tom D, who wins the $100 gift certificate to Blue Northern, now he can get another much need vise. Tom, you better not get another one. Thanks to Ray as usual, who really confessed to me that he did make the trip down the Cape but asked me to promise not to tell anyone so I won't. Great slide show and I want to talk to you about that Fishing Shack on Cuttyhunk, I am not metioning other names because I am tipping to fast ,but I hope to see each and evryone of you down the Cape, Tinman,Fred, Doogue, etc, etc.
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A swarm of Victoria's Secret models couldn't keep me from coming down to the Cape!

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John, i actually got a chance to stay in that shack last fall, what a great place!!! not luxury but a trully wonderful place! and the food was top shelf. Tom D
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