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Stony Brook and February Calendar...

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Kudos to Sully who really pulled a great winter event together. The attendance was outstanding, there were 25-30 people there at one time with others who came or left early. Lots of appetizers, donuts, coffee. The coveted rack of Bob Pink's 40 fly set was raffled and won by Brendan O'Brien (congrats!). The clave prize of $100 gift certificate to Blue Northern was won by drawing by Tom Dunlap. Because the most flies tied style contest was too much pressure for laid back types like me
, we did a drawing where you enter by putting two flies in the basket (one for Sully, one for Al). We then put the name on a business card and had Mike Doogue's lovely bride to be draw the winning name from the bucket. Turned out to be a lot of fun doing the drawings, which included donated prizes from Bob Pink (2 bobbin set), Jeff Roop (electronic fishing game, George Robert's book), Rich Soriano of Fly Rod & Reel (floating fly lines), etc.

My digital cam battery was fried but I took a bunch of shots with my old-fashioned camera. Thanks to all who have posted their pictures from the clave, great stuff. Mine will be scanned later on this week, I'll be out of town for a few days but will check in from the road.

February Calendar:

TBD: Indoor casting clave - Mike Mahler or anyone in the Acton general area - can you stop in at the Acton Indoor Sports center to get some info? Adequate space, rental rates for 3 hours, etc.? If not Mike anyone else in that area? This event needs a meister.

Feb 17th: Beginners only tying clave... I need three instructor volunteers and max 20 "students" who are beginners or better yet have never tied before. Asking $10 donation. Hoping to do this on Sat Feb. 17th from 1pm to 4pm in the activities room at Blue Northern Trading Co.

Any other ideas? Can anyone help out teaching beginners to tie on 2-17? Who can lead the charge on the auditorium search?
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Juro, no problem, I work very close and go by regularly. Some guys at work use it for indoor soccer, so I already have a lead on who to talk to. Will let you know what I find out.
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