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Stoddards in Boston

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Fot those of us in the downtown Boston area, Stoddard's on Temple Place is having a winter sale. 25% off all scissors, 15% off everything in the flyshop. Not a big materials shop but worth a look if you are nearby.....

BTW, I was told today by Phil Klug, the flyshop manager that they are the oldest, continiously operating tackle shop in the USA. 200 years.... I'd like a chance to rummage through their backrooms someday!
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Bob, they have more stuff than you can see, ask Phil to look thru the bucktails, etc... they are in some drawers over by the books. they also have a good supply of rod building stuff. I used to spend many a lunch break in Stoddards. Tom D
P.S. Phil is a great guy, and will help you a great deal if you need advise on fishing,rods,reels,tying, etc... tell him I said "hi"
One of the items I picked up there was the first true "olive" bucktail I've seen in a year... and some nice marabou to match! He's also stocking the Tiemco 600SP black nickle hooks in sizes from 1/0 to 6/0. Has those in the small 10/12 packs and in 25 packs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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