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Stimulating striper's OTHER senses

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Looking for other angler's ideas on engaging a predatory fish's other senses to help it locate and strike flies.

So far (of course) my tying and fly selection has centered around sight (size, silhouette, shading, contrast, etc.) and how these factors interact with the conditions (light, water turbidity, bottom, current, etc.) and area I am fishing in. I am an extreme novice at this but I'm learning.

Recently I am remembering reading about spun deer hair heads and flies that "push" water so stripers can use their lateral lines to hone in on them. I remember reading something in Bondarew's "Stripers and Streamers" about Nickel vs. SS hooks and the effect a hook's magnetic field may have on enticing a predatory fish to strike. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Smell may be out (if you are a true SWFF angler), though this may be a lesson in what NOT to do (handling lines/flies after rubbing bug dope or sunscreen on yourself, etc.)

What about sound? How much does this overlap with the lateral line? Does anyone have any experience with pyrex rattles?

Does anyone use colorado or willowleaf spinners for flash and vibrations on a fly? I personally would draw the line at this one but I know Coyote designed one that is certified as a fly by the IGFA.

Finally, tactile stimulation. Anyone's thoughts about fly materials and how quikly one will be rejected based on its feel in the mouth of a predator. I am reading a lot about the "mush mouth" flies which made me think of this factor.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Now I recognize the stench that's emitted from all of Juro's flies!!
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