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Still Better than Work

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Figured with half the people in Puget Sound on Lake Washington chasing the sockeye, it might be a good time to get the raft out and check out the Sky. Headed up to High Bridge early this morning with a friend from work. He through spoons all day (yech!) while I swam spey patterns with the long rod. We had the river almost to ourselves as we only saw one other boat until we hit the run above Sultan.

Keeping with my millenium curse, I hooked a fish but quickly managed to lose it. That was all the action either of us had but it was a great day and much, much better than being at work.

In keeping with Brian's advice on switching to a floater, I also took along the single hand and through a few mudlers as well. Water temp was 50 though so I didn't spend much time at it.
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Sounds good. I'll bet those Sky currents are running crystal clear about now. Sounds like levels are coming into primo shape and with a little warmup the fish should be in torpedo mode.

Much, much better than work!
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