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Steelheader still looking for stripers...

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Since the board was down I'm moving this thread back to the top! And thanks to Adrian for replying the first time...

I'm flying from Seattle to Little Neck, NY May 5th. I'll have a day or two to burn and would love to get into some stripers. If you know the area, know of folks in the area, want to fish, or can put me in touch with the right people please, please, please let me know. I'd love to repay anyone who helps with steelheading hospitality here in the Pacific Northwest!

Tight Lines!!!

Dave Hunt
aka Bunny Leech
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Dave -

Yes I have a couple of contacts in that area, I will get information and post it. Sorry I have been so busy, you should be in good shape for May 5th.

Thanks Juro! I'll look forward to the info.

By the way, the board looks and operates WAY better! Nice work.

Just bought a couple of lines for the 8wt from Capt Dave just for the trip!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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