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Greetings from the west coast,

I am a steelheader from Vancouver BC who has recently discovered that the call of stripers at Cape Cod has reached my ears. While my big trip will not come about until next summer I thought I'd introduce myself as I will no longer restrict my visits on the board to the Steelhead section.

If you have read Juro's Living Large Chronicles you may be a little familiar with me and it is through being a part of Juro's Mad-dawg trips out west that I have caught the bug to come out and experience your fishing. I will say that reading through some of the articles and checking out the pictures I am awestruck by the scenery and the fishing! As next year gets closer I will be asking more and more questions but for now I will sit back and see what I can glean from your posts and when I can't stand it I'll jump in and ask some dumb question or other.
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