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Brother Tyler it will be great to have such a steely schnauzer as yourself walking the sands and riding the rips with us next summer! The places you brought Bill, Brian and I to in British Columbia never leave my mind, and the steelhead >sigh<

Hope we can leave *you* with similar feelings about the beautiful places and awesome fishing we have here in New England.

As far as equipment, unless you want to try a monster snake roll with the 16 foot Spey rod, just borrow one of my 9wt or 10wt single handers for your visit. You will be introduced to a funky little necessity called a stripping basket, a fancy name for rubbermaid dishpan on a belt. Practice your double haul and let us worry about the rest.

In mid-summer neoprenes are too much. You can wet wade much of the time but it would be good to have a pair of lightweights or breathables in your luggage. Stocking foot packs lighter in the suitcase, but boot foot is easier on/off and is easier to deal with sand. Heavy river-weight boot foots are not ideal for sand walking, if boot foots they should be light boots.

If you have a long sleeve shirt made of the fast-dry material i.e.: the "flats" shirt, you'll be glad you brought it. The sleeves protect you from sun exposure and sweat evaporates fast from these shirts to keep cooler.

That's about it, bring your high enthusiasm and let's go get 'em!
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