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steelhead are in

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He guys until futher research has been conducted I will state I believe the steelhead are in a multitude of SW WA and Oregon rivers. Hope all are out getting their knuckles busted cause the fish are in.
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Funny... I was just in a meeting thinking about setting a firm date for my summer steely trip...

Just throwing the teaser. I've been playing with the mecuric bullets from the salt in SW WA. The runs down this way are very strong this year and I've read the Columbia run is expected to reach "record" numbers. Reports for the big D are hot muliple fish mornings and evenings. The Kalama although crowded is kicking out significant numbers along with the NF Lewis. Then we have the COW lets keep it simple and say the river has good numbers of fish, the only down fall is the number of sleds.

Getting to those dates, from Dana's BC forecasts this may be a year to hit the Clearwater/Snake vs the big T (pending potential closure)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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