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Hook 10-14 dry
Tail - Black buck tail over buck tail same color as dubbing
Dubbing - Some thing contrasting with foam (ie. Black and Red)
Body - Foam (Any color)
Thread - Match Foam

1) After wraping thread on hook, tie on under color of tail.

2) Tie in black tail over other tail and trim over hook.

3)Cut foam rectangle approx 2 1/3 longer than hook shank and 1/4 inch wide. Cut at 45 degree angle from corner to point 1/3 of width and then angle up and cut parallel to side. Repeat on other side.

4) Wind dubbing onto thread.

5) Tie in body with back 1/3 hanging over tail and wing hanging past eye.

6) Wrap dubbing along shank. Dont' wrap foam, go below. Wrap back to body tie in point.

7) Fold back 1/3 over body and hold down with a few wraps (Thing will make to wing angle up). Fold wing back over body and add wraps at point where wing ends. Make to wraps very tight to compress body foam.

8) Whip finish and apply drop of head cement at body tie in point.

You can vary the colors to whatever works in your area.

Fishing Technique

1) Use it like a popper, letting it and with water and rest. Give occastional twitch.

2) Cast out and bring back with short 3" jerks, which pull fly just under water. Let sit for approx 20-30 sec and repeat.
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