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thanks for your patience. Please post questions as a reply to this thread

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Nice job Juro, as usual.

Looking forward to getting into fish again, seeing the regulars again and meeting the new faces.

I guess we're lucky for the late kick-off (post Mothers day) due to the weather we've been having. Should be a blast!

A barbeque is a great idea. I remember last year when the tide ran out, we all kind of scattered looking for food. I'll have to look into the tides for this season.

Gathering at either the Anchorage or CAC would be a good idea. I'll also look into the town of Dennis letting us use the parking lot at the Bass River. It was 90% deserted last year.

Doogue,Brian & Juro,et al....

I am planning on being on the Cape first thing Friday AM. Let's see who will be around & make finite plans as we get closer.

1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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