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Signup page will follow...


thanks for your patience. Please post questions as a reply to this thread

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For those who already took a look at the CLAVE PAGE... please re-load the page, the signup button NOW WORKS.

Please SIGN AWAY!!!

Fred -

Boy I am fired up too. Since the stripers are so late I think the timing is going to be ideal!
Update: The Saturday lunch activity is still being planned, we'll be doing something bigger with Fishing the Cape a bit later in the season. That's not to say we won't stop by to see Bob Benson and pick up materials and say hello, I definitely will be. We won't be taking over his parking lot for the cookout this time though.

I suggest a cookout back at the Chatham Anglers Club or back at the Anchorage waterfront. This will be a good chance to get some casting lessons for those who did not make the casting clave.

Also a great chance to be all in one place to meet each other and share the findings of the morning. We always improve our success by sharing what we learned thru the course of the clave.

Any ideas from those attending are welcome.
I'm thinkin' scouting is part of my moral obligation to the cause ;-) Not sure but I think I can swing at least a half-day to get down there early enough to catch a few casts before the sun sets.

I'll let you know as the date nears.
Matt, Mike, et al -

I know you guys already replied to the springclave thread but if you don't mind could you fill in the sign-up page just to make it easier for us to do the roster?

thanks a lot!

Thanks for the offer - no need to make up for the no-show... the libations alone will more than suffice. If you do send the check down with Mike I will have a couple of extra hats made up w/ Chili Bear for the kids who didn't get one at the casting clave. I gave several of the kids hats because they asked with those puppy dog eyes, but I didn't take care of them all in all the hustle and bustle.

I really hope you do make it though... if you do you will be treated with a free casting lesson from one of the most experienced instructors on the Cape. Todd Murphy has offered to meet up with us at the Anchorage.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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