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Spring Clave/ Bass River II

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Boy you guys need a fishing plan bad!
I see the momentum gathering and a query by Juro for a Meister. I'm not sure I can evan show up and I'm going to disney around that time but:

I will help in anyway possible. As last years meister I compiled most of the what, whens, and where for: accomadations, chow, maps,etc. and put up a website here at: <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Spring Clave</a><!--url-->
That page is an interesting look into our season opener last year. Last year we did the May 7th weekend.
Juro feel free to incorperate this into the forum if need be. Or just grab the data for your new page. Whatever works.
Sorry to be impish but I fished hard (for me anyway) last season and I promised my spouse I was turning over a new leaf (doh). I need to at least wait till sping before it takes over my life again.
So I guess I'm saying co-meister might work.

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Terry -

We need to talk... about the ad on your site...

Seriously, thank you it brings back memories and fires me up for spring... COME ON MAY!

<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">LINK to Journal</a><!--url-->

Terry - You did an AWESOME job of meistering the spring clave! (applause)

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Good one Juro.
Ya it's still on that free web hoster. I have some private web space available. I could move it. It's just still there from last year.
As I was eating my supper I realized it's 3 months away! Grrrr.....We're just halfway through the off season. sniff

Oh well.

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